History of Victory Energy

Victory Energy Corporation is an independent natural gas firm, headquartered in Indiana, PA. We have a long and rich tradition in the exploration, leasing, marketing and production of natural gas. Our roots began with a 1946 founding company, which laid the groundwork for the full-service operation that exists today.

The current management assumed operations in 1979, and began an aggressive drilling program in order to tap into the wealth of resources located in the Appalachian Basin. During the next twenty-five years, we drilled 600 plus natural gas wells in Armstrong, Clearfield, Indiana, Cambria and Westmoreland Counties in Pennsylvania and Steuben County, New York. Due to the success of these operations, we were able to expand further into northern Pennsylvania and New York State. Currently, Victory operates and maintains more than 700 wells. We distribute our natural gas to commercial, industrial and residential markets through the use of public utility systems.

Victory Energy Corporation is a proven leader in the natural gas industry. We are financially healthy and have a long-term commitment to the development of natural gas resources. Although we take pride in our past accomplishments, we believe there are many, many opportunities ahead. With this in mind, we invite you to learn more about Victory Energy Corporation.